Research Publications

The Blazing Star is the chief publication of The International Society of Masonic Research. First published in 1923, only two issues were released and shipped worldwide from Sydney, Australia. Focused on esoteric and occult subjects, The Blazing Star was of little interest to rank and file Freemason of that era, who found more interest in historical Masonic literature.

In 2022, the International Society of Masonic Research was relaunched under the auspices of Universal Co-Masonry with the desire to unite Freemasons, regardless of obedience, in the lofty goal of restoring the Ancient Wisdom of Masonic Philosophy and Ritual. The bi-annual hardback volume of The Blazing Star will be provided to all the members of the Society.

For those interested in their work being published in future editions, manuscripts may be submitted to the Editor of "The Blazing Star" for consideration. Note that published articles will appear under initials only, unless a special request to the contrary is received.