The International Society of Masonic Research is dedicated to the preservation the ageless Wisdom of the Craft, which has existed since Time Immemorial. To this end, the Society seeks for that which has been lost and works:

I. To restore the Ancient Wisdom that is the common inheritance of all Freemasons, regardless of Obedience, so that the Sacred Science may once more become a reality.
II. To study and report upon all facets of Freemasonry, ancient and modern, their history, meaning symbology, and common origin.
III. To publish a Biannual Review, and other literature, disseminating the results of this study.
IV. To establish a bond of union between Freemasons everywhere, regardless of Rite or Obedience.

At the present day, it is evident to the serious student of Masonry that there is a widespread demand on the part of the Brethren for more Light. The need for quality Masonic scholarship has never been more apparent. The Brethren of the Craft are seeking for the Lost Word of Masonry.

The usual, banal explanations of our Craft have grown insufficient. The genuine secrets of the Royal Art were once known to mankind, in ancient days when Masonry was indeed a living reality to the Brethren and can be known once more – if only a diligent search for them shall be made. So far, indeed has the Hidden Light which once blazed in splendor upon the Altar been obscured, that not only the Profane but even many Brethren are in a state of darkness. Without that Light which Freemasonry provides, civilization cannot thrive, and Humanity cannot reach towards the heights for which it is intended. It is therefore the solemn duty of all true Freemasons throughout the world to join together in a common search for that which has been lost.

Such Masons can be found in every Obedience, practicing every Rite; yet divisions have emerged between the organizations which hamper this sacred search. The International Society for Masonic Research seeks to draw together into one society all those who are striving to restore the Hidden Wisdom of the Craft. Thus, we welcome to our ranks all Masons in good standing who are interested in the inner workings and invite Fellows to contribute to our publications the results of their individual research. As true Masons work without regard to praise or ridicule.